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This week was a lonely week for me as the boys left me all by myself in our studio while they were all off playing at the WPPI conference in Las Vegas…actually I know they were working quite hard. In any case it was a sad week with no Bauman Lunch, leaving me with no restaurant to review. Instead I am going to post our new team pictures taken by our wonderful friend and photographer extraodinaire Sara France.

The team: Karey (me), Jared, Bronson, Eder, and Jacob. There was no wardrobe planning which in hindsight probably would have been smart because we had to carefully deal with some “twin”
issues…keeping Jacob and myself away from each other in every picture, next year I am going to wear pink.

Here is a crushed velvet chair in a lovely shade of yellow we found on the side walk that added some flair to our pictures…I really want to see the room this chair used to call home.

During my headshots Jacob and Bronson thought it would be funny to make cat calls behind me.

…then everyone decided to get in on that action. What a bunch of crazies…I am glad they are back home!

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