san diego pizza

Bauman Lunch :: Pizza Month, Stop #4

It was another beautiful day here in San Diego as the Bauman Crew ventured down to Ocean Beach to the famous, Pizza Port! We met up with one of our former intern, Crystal and her husband for a great lunch. Parking was easy, and the restaurant was not crowded by any...

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Bauman Lunch :: Pizza Month, Stop #3

Week 3 of Pizza Month found us at a local Golden Hill Pizza Shop, Luigi's Pizza! It was a small crew for the day, just Eder, Zimmer and Josh but we were able to have a great time shooting some fun images. The pizza shop was in a great location, right off the freeway...

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Bauman Lunch :: Pizza Month, Stop #2

Laugh Together, Work Together, Stick Together...too cheesy? Our pizza wasn't! It was another great round for Pizza Month! This week we went to an old favorite, Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest. They had a legit lunch deal, any two slices with a soda for $6 flat! Their slices...

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