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So I’m guessing most of you figured I was done with traveling for awhile? San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York; all in the last two plus weeks. I’ll tell you – I would have preferred to space these trips out a little more, but sometimes you don’t get a choice. Yesterday I was back at the airport and off to . . . Australia!!!
I’m really excited to tell you all about something we’ve been working on for the past couple months! Australia and the United States have begun to team up to encourage American couples to choose Australia as a location for their destination wedding. Kleon Howe, the amazing travel agent with The Art of Travel, won the grant from Australia to found a company to facilitate these destination couples (absolutely amazing that he won the grant, given that there were hundreds of submissions!). Kleon has put together an amazing team of three coordinators and I was asked along to do the destination wedding photography!!!

Jessica Gillon, Events By Design
Liz Beck, Liz Beck Events
Paula Laskelle, Champagne Tastes

The new company will plan, coordinate, and execute a couple’s destination wedding in Australia. The next two weeks will be spent in Sydney and Tasmania, viewing wedding venues and locations while also establishing relationships with Australian vendors. The company should open this summer to start servicing couples.
This will be my third trip to Australia – I personally love the country! Its amazingly rugged beauty and incredibly genuine people have made it my favorite place to travel. When I heard about this idea, I practically jumped out of my seat in excitement. For me, the opportunity to combine my love of wedding photography and Australia couldn’t be a more perfect blend.
I’ll have my laptop with me the entire trip (Kristin wouldn’t let me get out of ALL my responsibilities for two weeks ?). I’ll post pictures throughout the trip!

PS – I have an afternoon and evening to kill in Sydney – anyone have any good recommendations for what to do? Suggestions please!

This is a picture I took this morning of the Sydney Opera House – gorgeous!!!

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